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What is Change The Game?

Change The Game is a creative exploration focused on being experimental, creative, and embracing unknowns. 

~ It’s not a clothing company or a fashion brand… clothing just happens to be one of my mediums of choice.


Why "Change The Game"?

Beyond just a name, “Change The Game” is a mantra: it’s a reminder to think differently, to break from conventions, to be open to seeing the world in new ways, and to simply be creative.

How do I buy something?

Everything that’s currently on sale is listed in the shop. I’m currently not taking custom orders, but if you’re interested in that then please contact me directly here:

What are 1/1's?

1/1’s or one-offs are unique, custom, and individual garments made through a process of taking risks, experimenting, and just going with it. Made only once, and not intended for sale, they serve as a way for me to discover new and unexpected ideas that are hopefully worth carrying over to other projects. Check them out here.

Can I order something custom?

While it’s one of my favorite things to offer, it’s unfortunately also one of the most time consuming and resource draining, which means I can only offer it on occasion. To be notified about the next run sign up for the mailing list back at the top.

What's your process?

A lot of my work starts by hand, but mainly I work with digital tools, which eventually gets translated into clothing. 

Sometimes I work in other ways, I really don’t tie myself into one thing – the medium is not the message –  


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