You Look But Do You See Hoodie

We look at everything...

...but how often do we really see the things we're looking at?

You Look But Do You See is a question into these ideas – a question into ones own perception of what we perceive and how we perceive things to be. And how that perception is a limitation that is based on our past, grounded in our present, and shapes our future.

Is it really everything?
Is there more?

The design of this hoodie was based on an exploration into these questions and ideas...

What did I find in this exploration?

Well, just like there are tons of ways of seeing, they’re innumerable ways of explaining it as well… I thought the completion of this hoodie would be the end to my exploration, but it’s really only just the beginning.

With all that, I decided to create foldable that is included with the hoodies – something that explains the concept in more depth and detail…

In the end, the booklet comes with a pair of red glasses, which are not designed to reveal anything, but serve as a reminder of the concept while allowing one to experience seeing something different in the most literal way.

It’s a lot, I know.

But if you can take away anything take this:

Don’t forget to question your own perception, what you think is correct, and the things you’ve always known to be true – always keep an open mind, and seek to keep opening it, there is always more.






50% cotton / 50% polyester

features screenprinted graphics on the front, back, sleeves, and 1/2 of the hood.

each purchase comes with a foldable.