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Let It Happen

Let It Happen is a four part series of panels that depict the enduring cycle of life.

Part 1 — RAGE
In the times when you feel it, SCREAM IT
If we keep things inside, we live with our own toxicity, an unwillingness to break free, getting trapped in our own mind, feelings that we end up brushing off as just “fine”

Part 2 — Free
Holding yourself back is never a must, trust. Opening your mind will let you free, help you see, and most importantly let you be who you want to be. The time is always now, not before, or tomorrow, there is no point in drowning in your own self inflicted sorrow.

Part 3 — Rise
When you let things out, you might feel vulnerable, you might feel destroyed, a sensation of a physical void. But it is through our hardships, failures, and our path through the garden of thorns in which we maybe be hurt, but are simultaneously reborn.

Part 4 — REACH
Keep reaching, whether you’ve attained it or not, for there is always something more that you got. Every step forward is another step higher, even if you feel like you’re going through fire. Keep going for the cycle doesn’t stop, understand that it’s a constant reach for what you believe is the top.

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Break The Box

a study into color, form, composition, 3D relationships, and framing. It was about creating a composition within the composition that would break out of itself. It was about establishing a system of parameters that allowed for consistency in a series, but also gave room to break it. It was about being free and flow-y…

In the end, it helped me break my own box – the way I work, see, and make relational decisions. It paved the way for a new visual language that I now follow. Although I’ve stopped making these, the series honestly never felt finished… maybe one day I’ll come back to it, maybe. 🙂